Protests will not stop, opposition in Kosovo says

Protests will not stop, opposition in Kosovo says

Pristina, 15 October 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Opposition parties in Kosovo, Self Determination, Incentive and AAK have issued a joint declaration concerning today’s events in the parliament of Kosovo. Through this declaration, they clarify the steps that they will follow in the days to come until their demands are met.

“We’re determined in our protest against the agreements with Serbia and that for the border demarcation with Montenegro. With these agreements, the government has paved the way for an extraordinary situation. Parliament cannot hold normal proceedings. Our protest in parliament will not stop and we will not allow the Association or for Kosovo’s territory to be given away to Montenegro”, the opposition said.

The opposition also demands from the parliament’s leading committee not to call a plenary session.

“Any persistence in this aspect is provocation and escalation of the situation in Kosovo. We ask the government to withdraw from the agreements with Serbia and Montenegro. This is the only thing that will bring back institutional and social normality to Kosovo”, the opposition declared.

Meanwhile, today’s parliamentary session was suspended. Kosovo’s institutions have not yet reacted on today’s events and the measures that will be taken for the normalization of the situation.

Government invites the opposition to give up on violence


Government of Kosovo condemned the use of tear gas in today’s parliamentary session.

“The government of Kosovo considers the opposition’s acts as irresponsible and against every ethical, moral code and democratic practice. Unlawful acts by representatives of the opposition against institutions and parliament, using warfare instruments are being carried out to prevent the normal functioning of the state of Kosovo”, the government of Kosovo declared.

PM Isa Mustafa called on the opposition to give up on violence and attacks against constitutional institutions of the Republic of Kosovo and meet their agenda through democratic means.

Meanwhile, speaker of parliament, Kadri Veseli said that efforts will continue to communicate with the opposition and warned that every action that will be taken will comply with the regulation in order to secure normal proceedings in parliament. /ibna/