Protests in Sarajevo Joined by Taxi Drivers

Protests in Sarajevo Joined by Taxi Drivers


By Medina Malagic – Sarajevo

The protests in Sarajevo have been going on for nearly one month. Every day, a group of citizens gather by the intersection of the Hygiene Institute and block the main intersection.

Yesterday, a group of unregistered taxi drivers decided to join the protests in Sarajevo, and they also blocked the intersection one block away from where the protests were taking place. Today, more than 20 unregistered taxi drivers drove along Titova Street and stopped their cars by the intersection. They displayed a long banner that read ‘All on the Streets! We Want Change!’

Also today, a group of citizens arrived from Srebrenik, a town near Tuzla, to join the Sarajevo protests. In front of a microphone, citizens of Srebrenik and other Sarajevo citizens expressed their deep disappointment at the low level of people who show up to the protests, given that Sarajevo is the largest city in B&H.

People today gathered and made their presence more vocal. They blew whistles and horns and continued to shout ‘thieves, thieves’. Yesterday, an unidentified man in a vehicle drove through the blocked intersection and injured one of the protestors. Today, this man spoke to the crowd of protestors in a state of frustration. The media was blamed for attempting to discredit the protests by siding with the governments.

On the other side, there are many citizens of Sarajevo, who have openly expressed their deep dissatisfaction due to the blockade, which they said has caused a severe hindrance in mobility around the city.

At one point, a citizen proposed that the city should not be blocked, but the majority of other protestors, who agreed that the entire city should be blocked, quickly shut down his proposal. They highlighted that they would not stop protesting until every one of their demands are met.

Protests are scheduled to take place every day starting at noon.