Protests toward radicalization, Ivanov withdraws his amnesty

Protests toward radicalization, Ivanov withdraws his amnesty

Skopje, 7 June 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Thousands of citizens protested last night in Skopje. Meanwhile, president of the country, George Ivanov withdrew his decision to grant amnesty for 56 politicians and other people involved in criminal activities and corruption.

“These ten days we saw different interpretations of this decision in the polarised arena. I am convinced that my decision will contribute for national reconciliation and will offer a solution for the political crisis in Macedonia. For this reason, I decided to abolish the whole of the amnesty”, says the statement issued by President Ivanov.

This was one of the requests of the protests which lasted for more than 50 days and which were organized by civil society and backed by the opposition.

Last night, protesters issued two other demands: protection of the Special Prosecution and for any acts which block it’s work, to be suspended, no more arrests to take place among protesters and for those who are you being detained to be released.

“If these demands are not met, then these requests will be radicalized. Our battle is yielding results, therefore we must continue until this autocrat regime falls”, said Simona Spirovska of “I protest” movement.

Protesters have warned that tomorrow they will radicalize their protests. /