Protests in FYROM entering the fifth week

Protests in FYROM entering the fifth week

Skopje, 17 May 2016/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Naser Pajaziti

Hundreds of citizens protested last night in Skopje against the holding of elections on June 5 and against the decision of the president of the country, George Ivanov to grant amnesty to politicians involved in criminal and corruption activities.

Protests have been organized for more than four weeks by the non government organization “I Protest”.
Last night protesters started their march from the Special Prosecution, stopping in front of Parliament, which was attacked with paint balls.

The attacks of institutions with colors are the symbol of these protests known as the “Multi-colored Revolution”.

Demonstrators ended their protest in front of the government building, where they called on the decision for the amnesty of politicians to be abolished and the June 5 elections to be cancelled.

Protests have also been held by the Movement for the Protection of Macedonia, known as GDOM, whose demands are the opposition of “I Protest” movement. GDOM protested in Manastir and Kriva Palanka, demanding for elections to be held on June 5 and for the leader of Macedonian opposition, Zoran Zaev not to be pardon, as according to them, he aims at causing destabilization of the country. /