Protests by farmers and breeders on election day

Protests by farmers and breeders on election day

Athens, September 16, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

At the polling and border stations will be on election the day farmers of Northern Greece, as stated to AMNA the head of the Panhellenic Coordinating Committee of Farmers and Breeders, Christos Godias.

According to Hodias, on Wednesday farmers will have lined up their tractors at various crossing points, as he said, of the national and provincial network, without giving more details.

In the mobilizations will take part, according to Godias, farmers from Rodopi, Kavala, Drama, Serres, Malgara, Pieria, Imathia, Thesprotia, Lakonia and Lamia.

“After we concentrate with our tractors in the places we have chosen, the local assemblies will convene and form a common strategy, which we will all follow, and according to which we will act”, he said.

The rural world complains, among other things for the promoted measures concerning their taxation and insurance.

Meanwhile, on September 28 has been decided to carry out a meeting of the Board of the Panhellenic Association Breeders (SBC) in Preveza, focusing on assessing the situation and planning new protests.