New Protests in B&H

New Protests in B&H


By Maja Tuljkovic – Sarajevo

Peaceful protests in several B&H cities began today starting around 13:00. An informal group that organized the protests on Sunday announced new protests in Sarajevo, and their main demand is the official resignation of the FB&H government.

Protestors gathered in front of the B&H Presidency building. Members of the B&H Presidency ŽeljkoKomšić and BakirIzetbegović arrived to work this morning, but the Serb member of the B&H Presidency NebojšaRadmanović did not arrive. However, the Directorate for Police Coordination assessed that it is impossible to guarantee the safety of the state leadership, and all officials and employees left the B&H Presidency building sometime before noon. Also, inside the building are members of the intervention police in order to protect possible attacks.

An unmanned aircraft monitored the protests in front of the B&H Presidency.

Sometime earlier today, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo NerminPećanac said that the police of Canton Sarajevo are behaving in accordance with the developments of the situation on the ground, and how the Canton Sarajevo Ministry of Interior has its plan and activities.

In Tuzla, protestors gathered today in front of the devastated building of Tuzla Canton government, while there is an ongoing session of the Economic-Social Council (ESV) of Tuzla Canton. At today’s session, there will be proposals to name who will form the new government and ministers of Tuzla Canton. Along with this, the office for joint affairs of the Tuzla Canton said that activities to organize the work of cantonal bodies are underway, which were located in the building of the Tuzla Canton government, and which was devastated during the protests last week. The aim is for citizens of Tuzla Canton to get their rights.

At the protests in Mostar, several hundred citizens gathered, expressing their demands, which include the resignation of officials of municipal structures, cantonal and federal government and the resignation of members of the B&H Presidency. They demand the dismissal from office of political officials in supervisory boards of public institutions and companies, not taking measures to limit the peaceful gathering of people and to free the arrested protestors and to suspend criminal charges.

The epilogue of the protests that began on Wednesday are the resignations of four prime ministers, and those are SeadČaušević from Tuzla Canton, MunibHusejnagić from Zenica-Doboj Canton and SuadZeljković from Sarajevo Canton, and the Prime Minister of Una-Sana Canton HamdijaLipovača. The resignation of the fourth Prime Minister occured after a wave of protests throughout the FB&H. The Cantonal Assembly accepted the resignation of the Una-Sana Canton Prime Minister on Monday, one hour before midnight, at an emergency session. The assembly with 24 votes ‘for’ and no votes against his resignation accepted the resignation. Five officials did not vote. A conclusion was adopted that representatives of parties in the Assembly of the Una-Sana Canton in the next ten days would agree on a proposal for a new prime minister of this canton.

In addition to the four prime ministers, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton Mario Šulenta resigned, and the mayor of Novi TravnikRefikLendo offered to resign. The Director of the Police Coordination of B&H HimzoSelimović resigned.

When they started with protests last week, the united citizens said that they would not give up and that this time they are ready to go to the end. They are demanding the same thing, and added that they will only hold peaceful protests and wish to give their contribution in forming a better tomorrow.