Protests of the Association of Autonomous Trade Unions on 30 May

Protests of the Association of Autonomous Trade Unions on 30 May


By Nevena Šarenac – Sarajevo

Protests of the Association of Autonomous Trade Unions SSSBiH will be held on 30 May. This was decided yesterday at the enlarged meeting of the Committee of the General Union during the 1 May holiday.

It was also decided that every year protests would be held on the last Thursday in May.

The President of SSSBiH Ismet Bajramović said, along with the 1st May greetings to all employees, that the union the entire time they spoke of people who do not have employment, and now all of Europe is dealing with the issue of unemployment.

“We have to think and send a message to those who are unemployed, and strive to offer services to employers to agree on how to foster employment, and to stop the collapse of already employed workers and to protect their rights’’, said Bajramović to journalists.

He said that trade unions noted that they won’t organize any festivities because it would go against what they strive for, and that is so that one day on 1 May they could organize a protest because there are indications that the protests are being undermined.

“But in the foreseeable future there is a chance to go on strike and that will have an effect to finally stop with politicization and draw attention to addressing social and economic issues, which will be decided today by the SSSBiH’’, said Bajramović.

The union of miners will go on strike on 15 may, because, according to Fikret Berbić, the President of the union of miners of BiH, all requests that were sent to the FBiH government were not answered.

He said that the miners are not paid enough. The monthly salary is 950 KM, but that is below average when compared to non-production workers, with “Elektroprivreda BiH”, which live at the expense of miners. This is why there is a need to protest so that the direct manufacturers are recognized and to stimulate the production work.