Protest in Pristina escalates to violence, clashes between protesters and police

Protest in Pristina escalates to violence, clashes between protesters and police

Pristina, January 27, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Hundreds of thousands of people called today by opposition parties have protested in Pristina in front of the government building to demand the dismissal of the Serb minister, Aleksandar Jablanovic and the voting of the law on Trepca mine.

In contrast to Saturday’s protest, police of Kosovo was more careful today and at the start of the protest, it surrounded the government building with an iron barricade. This seems to have revolted protesters who have clashed with law and order forces.

They gave police 15 minutes to remove the barricade and let them protest quietly.

Protesters have started to throw objects against police and have called for the barricades to be removed.

Police has managed to disperse protesters from “Scanderbeg” square through the use of tear gas.

According to police, protesters have been encouraged by the speeches delivered by some of the protesters in order to attack police.

Ambulances are offering aid to injured protesters and the crowd has now been displaced in “Mother Teresa” square.

There are reports that several American soldiers have entered the government of Kosovo’s building, in order to secure the government building from violent protesters.

This protest is being organized by Self Determination, with the support of two opposition parties, Alliance for the Future of Kosovo and Incentive for Kosovo.

The government of Kosovo has considered today’s protest as a political organization. Government’s spokesman, Arban Abrashi said that the protest is a political organization and has nothing to do with demands of protesters. /ibna/