Prosecutors and judges consider the law on vetting illegal

Prosecutors and judges consider the law on vetting illegal

The body of prosecutors has decided to request the abrogation of the law on vetting. The motion has reached the Constitutional Court. Earlier, this law has been appealed by the opposition. Judges too are against this law

Tirana, 24 October 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

In Albania, the body of prosecutors does not accept the law on vetting, considering it anti-constitutional.

The Union of Prosecutors of Albania has gathered 200 signatures from 200 prosecutors all over the country. They have decided to address to the Constitutional Court to abrogate the law which has caused so much debates.

They say that the law discriminates the image of the prosecutor.

Although it has been contested, the law has started to be applied. The High State Inspectorate for the Audit of Assets has published the description of assets.

According to this procedure, there are four forms which will be filled with detailed information, backed with the necessary official documents, certificates, etc.

The declaration of assets for judges and prosecutors will include seniority years, starting from 2003. This seems to have been the source of the conflict, as many prosecutors and judges declare that they do not possess documents to prove the sale or the purchase of properties.

The incentive of 200 prosecutors will be followed by nearly 200 judges, who also contest the law on vetting.

Earlier, it was the Democratic Party which considered the law on vetting as anti-constitutional.

The Constitutional Court is yet to issue a decision on the motion of the opposition.

The law on vetting was the only one among the bills of the package of the reform in justice, which didn’t receive consensus in parliament. In general, the package with the constitutional changes was voted unanimously by MPs, but bills such as the one on vetting were strongly objected by the opposition, which sent it to the Constitutional Court. /