Prosecution asks for the protection of witnesses in the Golden Dawn trial

Prosecution asks for the protection of witnesses in the Golden Dawn trial

Athens, May 05, 2015/ Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The effective protection of witnesses from intimidation attacks such as those that occurred on the first day of the trial of the Golden Dawn request by letter to the Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection Giannis Panousis the public prosecutors, in view of the new hearing on Thursday, May 7.

Specifically, Zotos, Papadakis, Kampagiannis and Skarmeas underline the fact that “the perpetration of these attacks by assailants who fled comfortable from an area which, according to information leaked from your Ministry, was a ‘fortress’ from the night before and despite the presence of thousands of protesters who flocked to the trial, demonstrates that the actions of groups and gangs who want to intimidate witnesses and avoid the conviction of the guilty parties in this trial are still conducted with audacity”.

The public prosecutors ask to be informed from the minister “whether there is a police inquiry to assign blame to any policemen and if it has been decided to conduct administrative inquiry or any other internal procedure of investigation for the unprovoked injury of the witnesses to the murder of Pavlos Fyssas, a few meters from the court entrance and the  subsequent escape of the perpetrators without any pursuit or investigation”.

They also ask for steps to be taken “for the safety of victims and witnesses in the trial of ‘the criminal organization Golden Dawn’, n order to prevent recurrences of such terrorist attacks and intimidation from ‘assault battalions’ of the Golden Dawn, during the next few days of the trial, starting from 07/05/2015”.

In the letter, the prosecution also “requests for the trial to take place in its natural environment in the Athens Court of Appeals, which is infinitely safer for victims and witnesses, easily accessible to all involved in the trial, the public and media”.