Pros and contras for the continuation of EULEX mission

Pros and contras for the continuation of EULEX mission

Pristina, 26 April 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

On 14 June of this year, European Union Rule of Law Mission in Kosovo (EULEX) ends its mandate which lasted eight years. Political parties and experts of legal affairs share different opinions on the job of this mission.

Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) supports the idea of extending the EULEX mission in Kosovo.

“We think that it is necessary to remain for a little bit more in here. This mission is not entirely failed. There have been cases when this mission was not fully successful, but in some cases, it has been necessary to have the mission here”, declared PDK secretary, Basri Musmurati.

On the other hand, the largest opposition party, Self Determination has a different opinion.

“EULEX has not had concrete results. It has even been involved in scandals and corruption affairs. Its mandate has been extended in several occasions, but if this mandate is extended for another two years, then this would be unacceptable”, says Glauk Konjufca of Self Determination.

Professor of constitutional law, Fatos Rushiti told IBNA that the mission in question must continue its mandate for another two years.

“EULEX must still remain here. Our justice system is co-existing with EULEX mission and we need their support. I have my complaints about several individuals that, but in general, this mission has managed to successfully finalize several cases”, Rushiti says.

According to him, EULEX must continue because national institutions are not ready to face organized crime and high level corruption.

EULEX mission has been the largest EU mission of the rule of law with over 2500 people employed and enormous amounts of funds allocated by the EU. /