Project ‘Volunteer-Credit’ for Seventh Time in Sarajevo

Project ‘Volunteer-Credit’ for Seventh Time in Sarajevo


By Maja Tuljković – Sarajevo

Organized by Infohouse Association and with the support of the FB&H Ministry for Education and Science, the project ‘Volunteer-Credit’ is being organized in Sarajevo for the seventh time.

‘Volunteer-Credit’ is a project that is dedicated to high school students from B&H, and the main goal of the project is to strengthen the capacity of youth so that they would be able to take responsibility for their professional future, to develop local communities and to improve the status of young people. The objectives of this project are the establishment of contact between current and future professionals, and students and local communities so that students could promote solidarity and volunteerism as a permanent value in working together.

The project consists of three activities: Social day-when students exchange one day of classes for one day of volunteer work in companies and nonprofit organizations for a daily wage that is paid into the fund for the project, which goes only to the needs of their projects, an education seminar, and a lending fair where students apply with their ideas.

The FB&H Ministry for Science and Education is the leading sponsor this year as well and the leading employers, and 80 high school students will be employed in the Ministry for one day-30 in Mostar and 50 in the office in Sarajevo.

1.500 students will take part in the project, and for one day they will be presidents, directors, ministers, managers, administrators, logisticians, as well as TV presenter for more than 12 media houses. Students will come from 139 schools from 58 cities, and they will be engaged in something more than 1300 companies, among which are the Ministry, Utility Company of Brčko District, Public Service Health Center Brčko, Konzum, BH Telecom and the City of Bijeljina.

All of these young people will acquire a certain kind of working experience for the first time, even if it is only for one day, and organizations, companies and institutions where they will work will offer them a chance to become familiar with their work, as well as meeting with potential future employers.

The gathering of high school students will take place on 10 October in Sarajevo.