Progress report criticizes Kosovo

Progress report criticizes Kosovo

Pristina, 6 October 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The lack of the rule of law, failure in fighting corruption and organized crime, the large number of asylum seekers, the political crisis, are some of the critics which are expected to appear in the European Commission progress report on Kosovo, which is expected to come out on 20 October.

Besides the negative sides, government officials in Kosovo believe that the report will also praise the agreements reached in Brussels and the readiness of the government to set up the Special Tribunal.

Deputy minister of European Integration, Ramadan Ilazi, says that he’s convinced that the European Commission will praise Kosovo’s achievements.

“I’m convinced that the report will point out several important advancements which we have made last year. In our point of view, there’s been progress as far as the political and economic criteria are concerned, but also in terms of policies regarding different sectors. The reforms undertaken as part of the progress of EU integration depend on the credibility of this process”, Ilazi says.

Meanwhile, experts of European Affairs told IBNA that the report will present the real situation of developments in Kosovo.

Professor of European Law, Llokman Murtezani told IBNA that in order to be in the right path of European integration, Kosovo needs to fight corruption and organized crime, uphold rule of law and reform public administration.

“Without a deep reformation of the justice system, depoliticization of the administration, economic reforms and without fighting corruption, we cannot expect positive signals by the European Commission. In these circumstances, the report will not show progress, but it will show regress”, Murtezanio says.

Expert of European affairs, Bardhyl Hasanpapaj told IBNA that this year’s challenges for Kosovo are the same as last year.

“Kosovo must work more in delivering the political and economic criteria set out by the European Commission. However, I’m convinced that the report will praise the talks for the normalization of relations with Serbia, reforms relating to the Stabilization and Association Agreement and the creation of the Special Tribunal”, he says.

According to him, all the citizens of this country are looking forward to seeing great progress in this domain, but especially in the economic reforms and they want to see a growth of economic and social well-being throughout the country.

Meanwhile, opposition parties say that the Progress Report on Kosovo confirms the negligence of Kosovo’s institutions in delivering the necessary criteria for the integration in the European Union. /ibna/