Prodromou: The Anastasiades – Lute meeting was particularly productive

Prodromou: The Anastasiades – Lute meeting was particularly productive

The President of the Republic of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades described his meeting with the Special Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General, Jane Holl Lute as particularly productive, the government spokesman Prodromos Prodromos said after the meeting.

According to the government spokesman, Jane Holl Lute transferred the Secretary General’s view during her meeting with the Cypriot head of state, which is that the parties should agree as soon as possible on the terms of reference that will lead to the resumption of meaningful talks on the solution of the Cyprus problem, in the near future.

Nicos Anastasiades, for his part, welcomed the SG’s opinion who said that good preparation for the reopening of the talks was needed, and he had the opportunity to develop his views on how to achieve a viable solution through devolution of power without, however, to alter the given basis of the solution sought.

The government spokesman also noted that Cyprus president will immediately inform the National Council of the meeting he had with Mrs Lute.

Asked if Mrs Lute referred to an interim or strategic agreement, Prodromou said, “I have not heard of a mid-term or strategic agreement. Ms. Lute passed on the SG’s opinion which is that in the preparation framework for the resumption of talks, which is our goal, the parties should decide on the terms of reference in order to begin negotiations.”

Asked whether the terms of reference refer to the process or the essence of the talks, the Cypriot spokesperson said that “the reference terms are already in the SG report. They will relate refer to negotiations themselves, both the process and what this will consist of.

However, in trying to assist Mrs Lute’s mission, which the president has considered as very positive and welcomed it, let us not extend to further details of the debate that has taken place and what Mrs Lute has said, given that she herself has made no comments.”

Regarding a diplomatic consultation and the meaning of the fact that Mrs Lute will leave after her meeting with Mr Akinci, the spokesman said that “Mrs Lute will hold the same meeting with Mr Akinci and we will move on to examine how the SG’s position can be implemented. Probably through diplomatic consultation.”

Invited to answer if the president of Cyprus will inform the people, as he had said, Prodromou noted that “the President of the Republic is going to share his views with the public. At the moment, as it should be after the meeting (Anastasiades had) with Mrs. Lut and as he had already told the National Council, the President will inform the members of the National Council.”….. / IBNA