Problems are not solved with violence, says PM Mustafa

Problems are not solved with violence, says PM Mustafa

Pristina, 5 February 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa declared today that the problems in the country are not solved through teargas, Molotov bombs and violence. The head of the government made these comments during a meeting that he had with the Teachers’ Union.

“In this country we will not allow fists or the killing of our policemen. We will build this state with the free vote and if someone has other objectives, we will not agree”, Mustafa said.

Mustafa also spoke of the two agreements that the opposition is contesting, demarcation with Montenegro and Association of Serb Communes.

“Nobody is giving any land to Montenegro. There will be an international commission on this issue”.

Mustafa said that the decision of the Constitutional Court for the Association of Serb Communes states that the latter must be established and that it does not serve as a third power.

Deputy Prime Minister Hashim Thaci, who was also present in this meeting, launched strong criticism against opposition parties.

He said that the opposition’s reactions are anti constitutional and that they aim at damaging the state’s image.

“These processes cannot be stopped by angry reactions, as the methods and the causes of the opposition are not the right ones. With the violence that they are using, they are helping PDK and LDK, but they are damaging the state’s image. In two days, we can gather 1 million people in the squares of Kosovo and we will not withdraw in front of the pressure of anybody”, Thaci said. /ibna/