Privatizations at the heart of discussions with the Troika

Privatizations at the heart of discussions with the Troika


By Spiros Sideris – Athens

The dissatisfaction of the troika delegation for the delays in the privatization tenders of the companies under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks received Michael Chryssochoidis during yesterday’s meeting.

At the heart of the discussion were the reforms of public enterprises and organizations (SOEs) of transport, without creating an issue for redundancies, while there was a reference in the tender to privatise Egnatia Odos that will be launched very soon.

The representatives of the troika asked the Greek side to move more rapidly towards the completion of the privatization program. Although colleagues of the Minister of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks noted that the schedule of competitions progresses as planned, though the debate is lacking, since it is clear that there has been dysfluency in many of the competitions.

Regional airports, TRAINOSE and “Greek Company Railway Rolling Stock Maintenance Inc. (EESSTY) are tenders that are already running and for which developments are expected in the coming period.

At the same time there is the matter of time for the beginning of procedures for the privatization of the airport of Athens, which is considered to have been delayed to “go public”, while the call for tenders for the privatization of the Egnatia Motorway is expected imminently.

The discussion of Mr. Chrysohoides with troika officials focused on the forthcoming invitation to tender for the privatization of the Egnatia Motorway.

According to decree of the Ministries of Finance and YPOMEDI, proportionally tolls will be applied in Egnatia highway, ie payment depending on the distance traveled by the user. With this system, the charge will not be within the highway but when the vehicle exits from it and will be proportional to the kilometers traveled onby it.

But by the same decree however, the startup toll stations on Egnatia highway vertical axis on which, until now there are no tolls.

Moreover, the analog charge and the distance traveled should be implemented mandatory and other roads by the end of 2015, as required by the concessions the government has signed with the concessionaires.