Privatization saves Trogir shipyard

Privatization saves Trogir shipyard


By Natasa Radic – Zagreb

ZAGREB – Economy Minister Ivan Vrdoljak and Kermes energy CEO Danko Koncar Trogir signed a contract that seals a dea of selling Brodotrogir, a shipyard in Trogir, close to the Croatian port of Split. Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic and his two Deputy Prime Ministers Vesna Pusic and Branko Grcic were present at the ceremony. The contract was signed after the European Commission has recently adopted a restructuring plan for the shipyard.

Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic said after the signing of the privatization contract to the reporters:

-I am glad that we are now in Trogir. I was a little less pleased recently in Split, we did not sign a contract on the sale of Brodosplit.I consider it my failure no matter where who is in power.

He said that his Government has so far managed to keep the Croatian shipbuilding industry in Pula, Rijeka, Split and Trogir. Still, he added that there is no guarantee that everyone will be successful and profitable.

Given the fact that the process of restructuring has cost the state three billion kunas (400 million euros), Economy Minister Ivan Vrdoljak said:

-Today’s agreement demonstrates that tha industry that has been a burden for the state, under the new rules can make a positive story.

Vrdoljak emphasized that it is not about buying points for an election campaign.

-Convert a troubled industry in a positive potential has not been easy. Brodotrogir will represent the combination of shipbuilding and maritime industry with tourism, and it is the strategic option of Croatia – said the Economy Minister.

From a total of 1200 workers who are currently working in the Trogir shipyard, the new owner would need to keep 875 of them. It is expected to eventually hthe shipyard will need more employees, and the new owner Danko Koncar said it would retain its shipbuilding activity to the extent permitted by the EU.

Končar also announced the construction of two marinas and launching of the screw turbines production.