Pristina is hosting the Roma film festival

Pristina is hosting the Roma film festival

Pristina, October 21, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Pristina is hosting the Roma film festival, where 24 films which talk about the life of this community will be shown.

The organizers say that the “Rolling Film Festival” is a good opportunity to overcome the prejudices existing about the Roma community, but also to send an appeal for the improvement of the life of this community, which is facing many challenges.

Arber Selmani, media representative for the festival said that the festival is dedicated to the acquaintance and the improvement of the life of the Roma community to Kosovo.

“Given that this community has been neglected and discriminated in life, we’re holding a festival which aims at strengthening the position of the Roma community in our country”, said Selmani.

This edition of the festival contains 24 films, including films from foreign directors and films produced during the workshop held a month before “Cikore Filmja” festival, which aimed at discovering young producers from the Roma community in Kosovo.

The best produced film from this workshop will be selected by the jury made up of Driton Berisha and Ismet Siarina, while the public will vote for the most favorite film.

Sami Mustafa, artistic director of the festival said that the selection of films for the festival aimed at reflecting the life of the Roma community in every angle of the world and not only in Kosovo.

“The idea of the festival is to break stereotypes and clichés created about the Roma community and not to reflect the Roma community in a victimized way, but treat them as human characters. We must also study the history and the anthropology of the Roma community”, said among others Mustafa.

Meanwhile, Muhamet Arifi, head of the Balkan Sunflowers organization, said that “Rolling Film Festival” aims to inform other communities living in Kosovo to better know the Roma community, because, like he says, so far, the Roma community, not only in Kosovo, but in the entire world, is known as an ethnic group which causes damages in every society that where it lives.

“Albanians have no great knowledge over who are the Roma community and through this festival, we want to offer people the possibility to better know this community. The Roma community must be equal to all other communities in Kosovo and there must no longer be discrimination against them in education and employment”, said Arifi. /ibna/