Pristina delivers to Islamic countries its official request for the recognition of Kosovo

Pristina delivers to Islamic countries its official request for the recognition of Kosovo

Conakry, Guinea Conakry-December 9, 2013

Government of Kosovo is making a fresh effort to increase the number of states that recognize the republic which for several decades was an autonomous region of Yugoslavia.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, Enver Hoxhaj has taken advantage of the 40thSummit of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Islamic Cooperation Organization which is held in the state of Guinea Conakry, Africa, in order to secure more recognitions.

In the framework of the lobbying campaign for Kosovo, minister Hoxhaj has met many counterparts from countries that haven’t yet recognized the independence and important personalities of Islamic countries.

Hoxhaj has met with the Lebanese Foreign Minister, Adnan Mansour, with which he has discussed about the recognition of Kosovo, the steps of cooperation that both countries can follow in the future by delivering at the same time the official request for recognition.

“The recognition of the independence of Kosovo for these countries is an undeniable right of the people of Kosovo. I handed to the Lebanese Foreign Minister the official request for the recognition of Kosovo”, said Hoxhaj.

Lebanese Foreign Minister, Adnan Mansour said that his country would deliberate Kosovo’s request for recognition and that it will intensify communication and cooperation between the two countries.

A request for the recognition of independence was also handed by Minister Hoxhaj to the Tunisian Foreign Minister, Othman Jarandi, with which he also discussed on the steps of further cooperation between the two countries beyond the recognition of Kosovo.

Hoxhaj has also met the deputy Foreign Minister of Indonesia, Wardana, accompanied by the ambassador of this country in the UNO, Desra Percaya, to whom he has delivered the request for recognition.

Mr. Hoxhaj has also met (photo) with the Foreign Minister of Arab United Emirates, Abdulla Ghobash and that of Burkina Faso, Yipene Djibrill Bassole, whom he has thanked for the support shown toward Kosovo.

During the Summit, Hoxhaj has also met the next secretary of the Islamic Cooperation Organization, Iyad Madani and many other ambassadors and personalities from the Islamic world.

Foreign Minister Hoxhaj is participating in the Summit of the Council of Foreign Ministers of the Islamic Cooperation Organization, following his stay in Paris where he participated in the France-Africa annual Summit. /ibna/