Pristina: Debates start on the demarcation with Montenegro

Pristina: Debates start on the demarcation with Montenegro

Pristina, 21 July 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Association of the Montenegrins of Kosovo with the support of Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, held a meeting dubbed “Demarcation of the border between Kosovo and Montenegro from the perspective of the Montenegrin citizens of Kosovo”.

On this occasion, representatives of political subjects, experts and other panelists issued their ideas and proposals on this process, while expressing their confidence that the scientific conference of August 3 would offer a solution on issue.

On behalf of the Association of Montenegrins, Slobodan Vujicic offered his proposals on the solution of the demarcation.

“We think that it is initially necessary to ratify the agreement in the Parliament of Kosovo, because Montenegro has already done this and through an amendment, the government of Kosovo along with the government of Montenegro must be obliged to appoint a committee which will measure the border again. If errors are identified, then this would be corrected”, Vujicic said.

But, the expert of international law, Vigan Qorrolli had another stance on this proposal.

“If it is ratified, there’s no possibility of undoing it. Ratification is the final act and based on international regulations of the Vienna Convention of 1969 on treaties, ratification is a sovereign act of the state and cannot be undone”, he said.

Meanwhile, university professor, Florim Isufi said that he has facts which will be made public in the 3 August meeting which will be held in the premises of the Parliament of Kosovo on demarcation.

Self Determination MP, Ismail Kurteshi declared that the Prime Minister, Ismail Kurteshi declared that PM Mustafa must answer about changing his stance in relation to the border with Montenegro.

Present in this meeting were also representatives of other opposition political parties, AAK and Incentive and two MPs from PDK and LDK. /