Pristina -Belgrade telecommunication talks in Brussels fail

Pristina -Belgrade telecommunication talks in Brussels fail

Pristina, 16 August 2016 /Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

The final step in Pristina-Belgrade meeting agenda in Brussels was the approval of Kosovo international phone code +383.

Marko Đurić, director of the government office for Kosovo confirmed that the talks ended up in the early hours of the morning, but were inconclusive.

IBNA reports that even after 20 hours of ongoing negotiation, both delegations didn’t agree on clauses for the implementation of telecommunication agreement.

Belgrade could not allow risking what it called “property of Serbian Republic.”

The number of unsolved issues is smaller already but a lot of other concerns need to be addressed in the future.  The minister of dialogue in Kosovo government, Edita Tahiri stated that Serbian delegation wasn’t willing to close up the phone code issue. Mr. Tahiri accused Serbian party for the lack of serious approach in the last round of negotiations.

“Unlike the previous meeting when the agreement was achieved about barricade removal, this time, Serbian delegation members were confused and uncoordinated, which made us think they were unwilling or incapable. The meeting was characterized by harsh disputes and Minister Tahiri reminded to Serbian delegation that those talks were mediated by international community.  /