“Pristina 2014” fair joins companies from the region

“Pristina 2014” fair joins companies from the region

IBNA Special Report/Besides local companies, this fair is welcoming for the first time companies from Serbia, Albania, FYR Macedonia and Montenegro. We hear from company managers from Serbia, Albania, prime minister Hashim Thaci, minister of Commerce and Industry, Bernard Nikaj, head of Economic Chamber of Kosovo, etc.

Pristina, April 30, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

International fair opens today in Pristina. Apart from local companies, other companies from FYR Macedonia, Albania, Serbia and Montenegro are participating for the first time in this event. This day also marks the opening of the first fair center in Kosovo. Representatives of different companies have considered this event as a great opportunity for their marketing and the introduction of new product to the market of Republic of Kosovo. Marina Jovanovic is the manager of Serbian company “Kosieric”. She says that the products of this company will soon be available in Kosovar market.

“Our company is from Serbia and this is our first time here. We’re so happy and people are very nice. We like to be here and if we get invited, we’ll certainly be here for the next fair because we were really happy. Our product is not in the Kosovar market, but we’re soon thinking to be present, because there’s a lot of interest for our products, as we can see in the fair”, said Jovanovic at the start of the fair, the ceremony of which was followed by IBNA’s correspondent.

Gresa Ahmeti, from Albania based “Galina” company, hopes that distributors will be found in this fair and that this company will be able to enter Kosovo’s market with its products.

Head of the Economic Chamber of Kosovo, Safet Gerxhaliu says that this is a special day because the first fair center is being opened, thus being a gift for the business community and the participation of 143 companies from Kosovo and the countries of the region.

“There’s been a record participation with 143 companies from Kosovo and Europe. This is a testimony that from the political agenda, Kosovo is moving into the economic agenda”, says Gerxhaliu.

The prime minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, considers this day as a very special one for the economy of the country, as state institutions and private sector have gathered for one objective, which according to him, is the strengthening and the development of this sector.

“I’m convinced that the cooperation between the government of Kosovo and business community will make our new state a more attractive country for investments in the region. The objective of the government of Kosovo is to strengthen the Kosovar businesses, small, medium sized and large businesses and to create more jobs”, declares the prime minister.

“Of course, we’re constantly adapting a new entrepreneurship spirit for the creation of new businesses and new jobs. The fund of 1.5 billion Euros of the government of Kosovo, the fund for development and employment will be made available for you, for the strengthening of your enterprises, for the development of your enterprises, for the growth of production and the creation of new jobs. Take this opportunity”, appealed Mr. Thaci.

Meanwhile, the minister of Commerce and Industry, Bernard Nikaj says that partnership with the private sector has helped the functioning of the first fair center.

“In the past 2 years, the government of Kosovo and the ministry of Commerce and Industry in particular, have invested over 2 million Euros in the construction and preparation of this modern fair center. We believe that the best way for the functioning of this center is for this to be done in partnership with the private sector. This is why we’re opening the first fair today in cooperation with the Economic Chamber of Kosovo. This is a clear testimony that the government of Kosovo sees the private sector as the main engine of the economic development in Kosovo and that it’s doing everything to back and develop this sector”, says Nikaj.

Present in this fair organized by the Economic Chamber of Kosovo were the minister of Economic Development, Fadil Ismajli, minister of Finance, Besim Beqaj, EU representative, Samuel Zbogar and different representatives of business communities. The fair will remain open until May 3. /ibna/