Ex Prime Minister sues her former political party

Ex Prime Minister sues her former political party


By Natasa Radic – Zagreb

Ex Prime minister and ex Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) President Jadranka Kosor has decided to start the legal action and she submitted to the Constitutional Court her request to examine her dismisal from the political party she belonged to.

She told the media that she consulted with her lawyer Krunislav Olujic and that they have submitted their request saying that her dismisal from the party was unconstitutional and basically illegal.

-My human rights were not protected and the law was not respected. This is just another step I want to take in order to protect myself, but also all of those who will find themselves in the similar situation in the future – Kosor said.

Ex Croatian Prime Minister suffered a big blow when she lost power. During the election night in december 2011 when it was clear that the political rivals, opposition socialdemocrats have won the elections and will form a new government, she refused to congratulate the election winners. In April this year there was another shock to follow: after 20 years of being a member of HDZ, and during her political career, she was once a close associate of first Croatian President Franjo Tudjman and then deputy of Ivo Sanader while he was a Prime Minister, the new president of HDZ Tomislav Karamarko decided she does not want to have Jadranka Kosor in the party anymore! This decision was unanimously supported by the entire presidency of the political party.

They explained their reasons by saying that Kosor has given public statements and interview that have heavily disturbed and damaged the image of HDZ. On the same evening Kosor rejected these accusations on all Croatian TV networks. She claimed she was innocent.

-The message that has been given to the members of the HDZ was clear: if we have kicked her our of the party membership today, you can only immagine what we will do to the others. And I was, among other things, the Prime Minister – Kosor said after the dramatic decision, on the verge of tears. Now she will try to find the satisfaction by sending her request to the Constitutional court.