FYROM: Sides divided over the issue of the name

FYROM: Sides divided over the issue of the name

Prime Minister of FYROM, Zoran Zaev has received his party’s confidence in leading the talks regarding the issue of the country’s name. This decision was taken last night by the SDSM.

Zaev said that the country has never been so close to finding a solution about the name dispute with Greece, while the Macedonian identity is being preserved and strengthened. According to him, by solving this problem, the country will obtain an invitation to become a NATO member and to launch EU accession talks.

But, will VMRO-DPMNE support an agreement between the two countries? The vice chairman of this party, Vlado Misajlovski said that this party is not being briefed on anything.

“Each week, Zoran Zaev says what he pleases. He plays with the names, the identity and the dignity of the citizens. We offered our opinion in the meeting held by the leaders. We need to see what is being discussed. We don’t want secret talks”, Misajlovski said.

Opposition leader Hristijan Mickoski is holding meetings in different parts of the country to encourage people to participate in the anti-government protest that will take place on June 2nd.

Citizens too are divided over the issue of the name and the latest proposal launched in the media.

Based on a survey carried out by M-Prospekt and “Macedonian Center for International Cooperation”, 61.5% would vote against the name “Republic of Ilinden Macedonia” if this issue is decided through a referendum. Meanwhile, 70.5% would vote against, while 52.8% of Albanians accept the name “Republic of Ilinden Macedonia”. /ibna/