Prime Minister Mustafa presents Kosovo’s achievements in the UK

Prime Minister Mustafa presents Kosovo’s achievements in the UK

The Kosovo-Great Britain-USA Forum for Investments and Commerce is taking place in London, UK.

This forum is presenting the numerous possibilities for investments that Kosovo offers for investors from Britain, USA and other countries. Present in this forum are the most senior representatives of the government led by Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Mustafa.

During this forum, PM Mustafa talked about the process of the consolidation of the state of Kosovo, stressing the constant support that the UK, USA and other western countries have given.

Mustafa said that the priority of the government program is economic growth and employment. Meanwhile, speaking on the Stabilization and Association Agreement, Mustafa said that this agreement makes Kosovo part of a market with 500 million consumers.

“We’re now working to boost competition of businesses in the market. At the end of last year, we were among the only Balkan countries part of the Millennium Challenge Corporation. We have signed a memorandum with the British embassy for the recruitment of several senior directors in our institutions, public companies and independent institutions”, the PM said.

PM Mustafa also stressed the fact that Kosovo has a new population, where over 50% are younger than the age of 26, very dynamic and suitable for the labor market.

“In 2015, our economic growth was 4%. This year we’re predicting a 4,4% economic growth”, the PM said.

PM Mustafa also presented several aspects which relate to infrastructure, energy, financial market, cooperation in the region and international financial institutions.

“We have fought corruption in order for it not to be a burden for businesses. We have voted the law on strategic investments, which facilitates the negotiations between the government and potential investors. We are also building a modern road and railway infrastructure.

Kosovo has a stable financial system. Our public debt is low, around 14% of GDP. We also have an agreement with the IMF for a joint program and thanks to this, we have achieved macroeconomic and fiscal stability”, said the Kosovo PM. /