Presidents with no sense of humor

Presidents with no sense of humor

Erol Rizaov

The three presidential candidates in the pre-election campaign are “dead” serious, uptight, a bit scared and more grumpy than smiling. It’s difficult for them to overcome the stage fright at a reasonable level. I do not believe that they have no sense of humor at all, to tell a joke or two at their own expense  or at someone else’s, show that they have spirit, that they are not playing Russian roulette, that they are not in the gladiators’ arena and that they do not fight for their lives, no matter how strong the pressure from their employers is.

And the three university professors know that smart people follow electoral promises and bickering as a political circus, a time when people lie the most, even more so than after hunting and fishing, so it’s more important for them to leave a good personality impression than what they promise. Aside from pre-election lies, there is only one worse kind – the lies told before a war when the truth is the first to die. But that is a dramatic atmosphere, when “The Motherland calls” for a fight for freedom. It seems that our candidates who have the greatest chances of winning, took on this exactly in that manner, and joined the partisans to save their motherland and fatherland, even though no one attacked it from outside. From the inside – yes. The country has been trapped for many years, now it is in a post-traumatic period after the kleptocratic regime.

Here, for example, I am sure that the newly recruited great patriot, the Sirma Vojvoda of VMRO-DPMNE, on a call from the motherland, Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova, is not senile, on the contrary, she has a great memory in details about her childhood, even from her earliest days in her father’s house in Ohrid in the People’s Republic of Macedonia. Normally, like every person with a strong mind, Siljanovska quickly forgets the insignificant things, even if it happened yesterday or a few minutes ago. It’s called selective justice, pardon  – memory. A large and strong brain, which receives a lot of information every day, automatically deletes the unimportant things. If it does not delete it, it will explode, the events and times will mix. Therefore, it is not important at all whether it speaks to people from Kavadarci or Negotino, whether she is in Kocani or Kicevo, wherever it is, knowingly or unknowingly, the mother-in-law is from Kocani, there is no need to divide the citizens on the basis of where they are from and who they are. We are all equal before the law and before Siljanovska, who is the mother of us all, and she will become the mother of the mother-in-law.

I am amazed that Siljanovska mentions her mother-in-law at a rally in her hometown of Kocani. It says so much. It’s easy to mention mother and father, but mother-in-law is already a big step in mutual understanding and love. I do not see why one should apologize to someone who said Kicevo instead of Kocani, or who instead addressed Negotino people as citizens of Kavadarci. It is not at all essential for a mother of all, so instead of apologizing to her children in both cases there should have been little sense of humor, because a mother loves all her children equally.

When it comes to essential things, Siljanovska also accepts her fast evolution as a great success, so fast that it can act as an instant collective amnesia to some people, with the effect of not hearing or not understanding what she said a few minutes or hours ago. Here, let’s take the Prespa Agreement for an example, it was to be annulled first and then rewritten in a more rational way, with the constitutional name remaining permanent and unchanged, and it is now applicable and Siljanovska will apply the new name Republic of Northern Macedonia. What is not clear here – Republic of Northern Macedonia is stated in the constitution. As a legalist and conspirator of the rule of law and a constitutional law professor, she will respect the constitution. Of course. And at home, like all other party members and patriots, she will be able to hum it: “divide it, tear it apart, it will be whole again”. At home, the word Northern will be out of use. It is just like that great hero who peed his pants when the ruler passed by him, and after the fall of the dictator, he boasted that he had publicly urinated in front of him.

It only takes a few more days and several more meetings at a very important level, so thar the next evolution that Siljanovska matures  – that is the following: when she says the rule of law, she is actually thinking of the smooth operation of the Special and the regular public prosecution and of all court instances and of all the judiciary system. It is manipulative, as well as greatly untrue to say that she advocates a general amnesty for all and that the sentences so far have been draconian for innocent people. On the contrary, Siljanovska, as a proponent of the rule of law and respect for the constitution, will demand a rigorous fight with crime, corruption and abuse of powers, violation of human rights and freedoms, to all perpetrators of criminal acts, regardless of whether they belong to the former government or the current one. You don’t say… this is the result of a non-selective rule of law, equally for all. In fact, the professor will easily convince us that she never thought otherwise. We did not understand her well. All who have sinned will face justice that no one should hinder. She will first congratulate Katica Janeva on the re-election of a public prosecutor to the special prosecutor’s office, encouraging her to continue her work, of course, if she becomes the president of the state.

If Siljanovska does become the mother of all citizens overnight, the relations between the ethnic communities in Northern Macedonia will be relaxed. Another big misunderstanding that will cause a new dose of intolerance and hatred will be cleared right away. The law on the use of languages, especially in the Albanian language, will urgently undergo major changes, but with improvements and by extending the rights to use the languages ​​of all ethnic communities living in Macedonia. Don’t be in awe. Gordana Siljanovska-Davkova is a great civic activist, a democrat and legalist, who after the election for the presidency of the state will start the grand European Movement for European Northern Macedonia and for a civil democratic society with rule of law equally for all. Sometimes things need to be seen from the caricatural ridiculous side in order to better see the great lies and the follies that are made in pre-election loopings.

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