The end of the presidential term in office starts with a mission for the economic development of Kosovo

The end of the presidential term in office starts with a mission for the economic development of Kosovo

Pristina, 12 January 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

At the end of her term in office, president of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga has started a campaign to support economic development and support foreign investments in the country. Along with representatives of economic chambers in Kosovo, she started today a tour of visits in several cities of the country, to help for the creation of a better business climate.

“Our economic development depends on the creation of a favorable investment climate, without administrative obstacles, with a rule of law and equal competition. My visit aims at directly addressing these obstacles to help businesses that arrive in Kosovo, in an effort to reduce unemployment and improve quality of life in Kosovo”, the president said.

“We must urgently address problems of a local level”, she added, “because without overcoming these challenges, it’s very difficult to bring investors into the country. I am committed in contributing until the very last day of my term in office to create a favorable climate for investments”, said the president, whose term in office ends in three months.

Head of the Economic Chamber of Commerce, Safet Gerxhaliu says that it’s very good to start the New Year with economic development as a priority.

“It’s a motivation for the private sector and a proof that economic development must remain a priority. If this priority is backed by the head of the state, then for us, as representatives of the business, it’s a motivation that Kosovo has a future”, Gerxhaliu said.

Arian Zeka, head of the American Chamber of Commerce, says that business chambers have prepared a document which addresses issues that businesses face in different communes and municipalities.

He says that businesses must be directly visited. “The plan is to soon visit companies and see if heads of communes and municipalities have solved the issues addressed by us”.

Albert Matoshi, executive director of the German Economic Chamber, says that the president’s incentive is a very positive one. He adds that Jahjaga’s tour has found the support of the German Chamber. /ibna/