Presidential race began for somebody, not the candidates

Presidential race began for somebody, not the candidates


By Marija Avramovic – Zagreb

On Thursday to the office of President Ivo Josipovic arrived a 13-pages long document named “Action Plan Barbie – draft, confidential”, which contains a list of activities that in the upcoming presidential campaign should discredit the Croatia Democratic Union (HDZ) candidate Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic , confirmed the president’s office.

With the document was a cover letter of anonymous, supposedly concerned member of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) claiming that the document originated from the SDP, for Ivo Josipovic in the presidential campaign.

“It’s the case, of course, of an ordinary planting,” Josipovic said, confirming that an additional check in his office and the party if someone drafted a similar document proved that no one put together such a document. In the “action plan” there are alternate “tips” on how to counter Grabar Kitarovic in the electoral campaign and that by the principle – row of personal defamation, row of legitimate objections to the HDZ candidate, which is likely what Josipovic will use in the political battle for another five years at the Presidential Palace.

The document proposed the formation of alleged SDP teams with precise tasks in the campaign, and the credibility of the document can be seen in the fact that one of the teams’ member of prime minister’s Zoran Milanovic Party is Mirela Holy (Holy left SDP almost a year ago). At one point it suggests that as a defamation against Grabar Kitarovic should be used the alleged partisan past of members of her family, which is pretty ironic, since it is a publicly known fact that Josipovic’s father was partisan.

President believes that it is a staging and the document is a creation of intelligence underworld. Josipovic said that feigned such a document, seeks to misrepresent him as a person who leads a dirty campaign, on the other hand some legitimate criticisms, that he could bring to his opposing candidate during pre-show campaign, can be represented as another planting.

“It is a primitive intelligence piece for which I can not identify who the author is, I do not even dare to claim that it’s the result of the work in the headquarters of Ms. Grabar-Kitarovic. Anyone who views the document can see that it’s case of planting, which is quite primitive in nature”, Josipovic said in an exclusive telephone interview for the croatian radio this morning.