Presidential Candidates of ND send message of unity

Presidential Candidates of ND send message of unity

Athens, October 15, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Spiros Sideris

The presidential candidates of New Democracy met in the House, aiming to restore calm in the party’s ranks, following the tension that occurred Tuesday during the meeting of KEFEA.

After its completion, the Adonis Georgiadis stressed that the “meeting was held in a very good atmosphere: what transpired yesterday belongs to the past. ND is moving forward united; it is wants the base of the ND wants and what Greece wants”, adding that “the process continues normally in compliance with the statute”.

He pointed out that the candidates are sending “a message of unity”, adding that there is a press release that will be issued and signed by the four. “We are moving forward together. On November 22 elections, participation will be 3 euro”, he concluded.

According to Georgiadis, it is likely that there will be a two-day extension to select the company that will organise the election. “In essence there is no disagreement, ND proceeds united”, he said.

The joint press release

In their joint statement they stress that “in view of the election on 22 November, the four candidates for president of the New Democracy have met and we are sending a clear message of unity of the party, transparency of the process and adherence of the Statute”.

In fact they wanted to send a clear message stressing that “our opponent is only Mr. Tsipras, his government and the country’s problems”.

Next there was a meeting of the Parliamentary Group for the formulation of the strategy the party will follow the party on the debate of the multibill.

Vangelis Meimarakis has set as a prerequisite, in order to push the process for the company that will take over the conduct of intra-party elections is to have a favorable opinion by the solicitor of the party.

“If the legal adviser said that the issue is alright by law with legislation in force now, then the issue is closed and the process continues. But we have been looking for him today since the morning”, said president and presidential candidate of New Democracy, speaking with journalists at its offices in Southwest Avenue.

At the same time, he stressed that ensuring the transparency and legitimacy is the responsibility of the party’s president, and that it was in this capacity and not as a candidate he entered the meeting of KEFEA.

Sources from Tzitzikosta’s camp note that with what happened, Meimarakis has lost his strong argument that he is the only guarantor of the unity of the party.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis said KEFEA has no power to change the statutes, asking it to rise to the occasion and complete the procedural consultations soon, staying strictly within its remit.

Adonis Georgiadis requested a meeting of the four fellow candidates before the meeting of the Parliamentary Group and said: “I would like to apologize to the whole world, as a presidential candidate of ND for the picture emitted by ND on Monday. These are not the problems of the people and this is not the actual ND we want”.

Salmas porposes the postponement of the presidential election

The issue of the postponement of the electoral process in New Democracy until March will bring the MP of the party Marios Salmas.

According to reports, Salmas will remind the decision of the Political Committee, which was approved by the Parliamentary Group for elections in March, while t the same time he will stress that the period of seven days the potential candidates had at their disposal for collecting signatures was very small.

He will also highlight the lack of a public debate among the candidates before gathering signatures.

If his proposal is not accepted, he will request the new timetable that has been set to be approved by the Parliamentary Group and the Political Committee of the party.

Information from within the party, however, say that the candidates Mitsotakis, Georgiadis and Tzitzikostas reacted strongly to Salmas’ proposal.