President of the Republic: The new government must act in a mature way

President of the Republic: The new government must act in a mature way

Tirana, July 15, 2013

The President of the Republic, Bujar Nishani had a meeting today with heads of constitutional institutions and demanded from them to be careful during the transition of power period.

In the presence of the Governor of the Central Bank, Ardian Fullani, Chief Judge of the Supreme Court Xhezair Zaganjori, vice chairman of the Supreme Council of Justice, Elvis Cefa, General Attorney Adriatik Llalla, head of the High State Audit, Bujar Leskaj, Nishani said that, “the elections produced a new political majority, to which I wish good luck in fulfilling its mission. The priorities of this government may be different to the previous majority and this way, the governing functions must be mature”.

According to Nishani, decisions taken by institutions such as Prosecution, Supreme Court, Bank of Albania, etc. must not be involved in the perception of the inertia of power transfer. “Constitutional institutions are now consolidated and they function for the entire country without taking into consideration any affiliation”, said the president.

“Nobody must feel threatened, vulnerable or prone to attacks. Such period of transition has been taken advantage of by elements of crime, especially economic and corruptive ones. This is why I’d like to thank particular institutions for taking measures a few days ago and for offering a quiet climate in the country”, said the head of the state. /ibna/