President Putin’s Threat to Cut off Gas Supplies to Ukraine Would Affect B&H

President Putin’s Threat to Cut off Gas Supplies to Ukraine Would Affect B&H


By Medina Malagic – Sarajevo

President of the Russian Federation has issued a warning yesterday, threatening to cut off supplies of gas to Ukraine if the country does not pay for its supplies up front. President Putin sent a letter to 18 countries that would be affects if Russia were to stop the gas flow to Ukraine.

Among the countries on the list, B&H is among them. A letter was sent to the B&H Presidency of Putin’s warning.

Other countries that received the same letter from President Putin are Turkey, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, FYR Macedonia, Czech Republic, Poland, France, Germany, Croatia, Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria, Austria and Italy.

BH Gas, the main supplier of gas in B&H, issued an immediate statement in response to the letter from President Putin: ‘’Our business mission is to enable the delivery of gas from various sources, and we continue to work on the project of involving the Adriatic-Ionic gas pipeline, which is the continuation of the Trans-Adriatic gas pipeline that passes through Azerbaijan’’, said BH Gas.

BH Gas has said that it would immediately establish cooperation with EON Rurhgas from Germany. BH Gas has already singed a framework agreement with the company, and this is the company with whom BH Gas cooperated during the gas crisis in 2009/2010, said in a statement by GH Gas.

It is a fairly optimistic response devoid of worry from BH Gas. However, what needs to be taken into account is that what leaves B&H and many other countries in a vulnerable position when it comes to natural gas is the dependency on gas supplies. B&H imports all of its natural gas, and B&H’s gas comes exclusively from Russia.

A strategic plan was never developed in B&H that would diversify its import of natural gas.