President of Kosovo says that she has been subject to gender prejudices

President of Kosovo says that she has been subject to gender prejudices

Pristina, April 10, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Talking about her 4 year work in office, President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga said that she has been subject to gender prejudices, being a woman.

In the debate “Speak Openly”, hosted by “Speak Movement”, the president said that she has managed to dismantle these prejudices being the head of the institution of President, based on the Constitutional powers and by remaining away from political influences.

“As president, I have received prejudices, but we have dismantled these prejudices with the work in the institution of the President of the country. We have managed to keep the institution of President uncorrupt and cautious in spending money and away from political influences”, said Jahjaga.

But, according to her, the President’s institution was not like this in 2011, when she was elected in this post. She said that she found this institution politicized by the two parties in coalition at that time, PDK and LDK.

“I have found the President’s office politicized in 2011, as the post of president has been part of political agreements between parties”, said Jahjaga.

Asked how the next president should be elected, Jahjaga has not replied, but she said that the way how the president should be elected requires a debate.

Jahjaga has not been willing to unveil her personal plans after April 2016, when her term in office runs out. But she said that wherever she will be, she will continue to contribute for the country. /ibna/