President Jahjaga demands the recognition of Kosovo by the Vatican

President Jahjaga demands the recognition of Kosovo by the Vatican

Pristina, January 21, 2015/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga has had a meeting today in the Vatican with Pope Francis.

During this meeting which lasted around 40 minutes, Jahjaga informed the Pope about the historical past of the country, by saying that Kosovo has gone through a history of repression, ethnic cleansing and that individual and collective sacrifice stand in its foundations.

Jahjaga told the Pope that Kosovo is a laic state and as such, it enjoys religious harmony.

“Kosovo today is a laic state, but also an inspiring story of religious harmony and equality between its citizens. After the end of the war, in an effort to preserve multi-ethnicity and multi-culture, Kosovo has guaranteed the rights of all communities and has continued to strengthen religious dialogue, by enabling leaders of three religions in the country to build close relations with each other”, declared President Jahjaga.

President Jahjaga also invited Pope Francis to join the states that have recognized Kosovo.

“Kosovo today is recognized by 108 world countries and it hopes that Vatican will also support the vision for an independent and democratic Kosovo”, said Jahjaga.

Speaking on Kosovo’s strategic goals to become a member of international organizations such as EU, UN and NATO, president Jahjaga said that Kosovo aims at becoming an added value in its tradition of diversity and multiculturalism.

President Jahjaga thanked Pope Francis for his reception by considering it as a gesture of faith and recognition of the efforts of Kosovo to strengthen religious harmony ambitions of a society to live in peace and freedom. /ibna/