Romania: President and Prime Minister declare the motion of censure unconstitutional

Romania: President and Prime Minister declare the motion of censure unconstitutional

In a press conference following his participation in the extraordinary European Council meeting, President Klaus Iohannis said in a teleconference that the electoral fraud in Belarus, the violent repression of protesters and the inhuman treatment of detained protesters demanded a response from the European Union. For the Romanian head of state, the situation in Belarus is “worrying”, while “transparent investigations” into all the violations observed are necessary, so that their perpetrators can be found guilty.

In particular, the President called for the adoption of sanctions against those guilty of electoral fraud and violence against peaceful citizens. Mr Iohannis emphasized the need for a “deep” assessment of relations between the European Union and Belarus, saying that Belarus’ aspirations for democracy and freedom, including independence and sovereignty, must be respected.

“It is extremely important that we start a real and meaningful dialogue between the Belarussian authorities, the opposition, civil society and the representatives of the protesters. This is the only solution to reduce tensions and achieve a peaceful transition”, he said.

In addition, President Iohannis insisted that the 120 Romanian soldiers in Mali are safe, despite tensions sparked by the coup. The Romanian authorities are following developments very closely and are “ready to act if necessary”.

According to the President, the local and parliamentary elections can be held in relatively safe conditions, hoping that based on the measures already taken, the number of infections will not increase exponentially. However, special attention must be paid to the evolution of the epidemic, as “it is impossible to predict what the situation will be in two, three or five weeks”.

Motion of censure

Regarding the motion of censure, the head of state said that the motion of censure filed in the context of the coronavirus epidemic, the economic crisis and during the parliamentary recess, was “inappropriate”. He said the proposal raised “suspicions of unconstitutionality” and that the Social Democrats were showing “cynicism and irresponsibility”.

Prime Minister Ludovic Orban recently said that the PSD’s motion of censure was “manipulative” and represented “a collection of lies”. “I have never seen such a collection of lies, falsified data, such a manipulative move in the history of the motion of censure in the last 30 years”, Orban said from Parliament.

A report states that the Prime Minister recently announced that the Government will appeal today or tomorrow to the Constitutional Court to challenge the motion of censure that was tabled during the parliamentary recess.

Another post states, among other things, that according to sources from the PNL, the Liberals are waiting for the exact date of the vote on the motion of censure to be determined in order to take the decision to appeal to the Constitutional Court./ibna