President Erdogan brings forward Kirkurk claim

President Erdogan brings forward Kirkurk claim

Erdogan accuses the Kurds of cooperating with Mossad!

President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, brings forward a Kirkurk claim and makes reference to the city by questioning the Kurdish sovereignty. At the same time, he argues that the Kurds of northern Iraq have relations with Mossad!

The Turkish president, in a speech in Erzurum, said that in areas that “have arbitrary been determined by the administration of northern Iraq” as being under their sovereignty, neither Arabs nor Turks are the majority. Do you know what international law says about these areas? It calls them controversial. Kirkuk is a controversial area. They say Kirkuk belongs to them. Is that so! You do not exist in the history of Kirkuk!

“But after the circumstances have changed and northern Iraq has taken a step despite our objections, it will pay the appropriate price. We regret that they took to the streets with the flags of Israel. This means that the past of this administration (northern Iraq) with Mossad was common and they were all together”.

The leader of the northern Kurds of Iraq, Masud Barzani, was being hosted often in Ankara a few months ago, and the flag of northern Iraq existed in the protocol of Turkey. Barzani’s decision for a referendum on independence from Iraq, however, has angered Turkey. The Turkish president says he has been “cheated” by Barzani./IBNA