President Anastasiades: We should abandon systems of the past that allowed for interventions

President Anastasiades: We should abandon systems of the past that allowed for interventions

The President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiades, received today at the Presidential Palace the annual report of the Public Service Committee (EDY).

In delivering the report, EDY President Giogos Papageorgiou said, inter alia, that the issue of digitization and e-government is a very important issue, noting that the reform of the Public Service will modernize the State Services for the benefit of the citizens, in particular welcoming the Government’s submission of modernization bills to Parliament.

He also noted that the issue of Public Service Reform is a national issue and will provide modern tools to the EDY.

For his part, the President of the Republic said that most State Agencies adopt electronic practice, and what is missing is to proceed with the approval of the bills that have been submitted to Parliament, such as the creation of a Digital Transformation Ministry, and more generally reforms that will also result in simplification of procedures, the saving of money and the creation of jobs.

He added that his meetings with political forces were aimed at pushing through reforms, expressing hope that by 1.1.2020 e-government reform will be implemented.

The President of the Republic said that there is an understanding of the political forces, adding that “I hope it is a matter of priority, and when we say we want to abolish injustice, when we want to adopt excellence we cannot do it unless civil servants are judged based on performance, to get the results you expect”.

“It is a challenge and a request on my part”, said the President of the Republic, to adopt the provisions for the modernization of the Public Service, which will contribute significantly, with measurable and knowledge-based criteria of recruitment and promotion.

“This is the place we need to abandon past systems that allowed for interference”, the President said, noting that “I say this even though I feel that the EDY is doing important work beyond discrimination, but in order to eliminate the latter, it is best to adopt the Civil Service reform, which will make public servants more efficient and productive”./ibna