President Anastasiades ready to resume talks, awaits invitation from UN Secretary-General

President Anastasiades ready to resume talks, awaits invitation from UN Secretary-General

The tripartite has not yet been formalized

By Michalis Michael

The President of the Republic of Cyprus is ready to resume talks, and is awaiting an invitation from Secretary General Antonio Guterres, the government spokesman, Prodromos Prodromou, said.

“The President of the Republic and the Greek Cypriot side are fully ready today, expecting Secretary General Antonio Guterres’ invitation to complete the Terms of Reference on the basis of an August 9 meeting with Turkish Cypriot leader Mr Akinci. We hope the other side will respond, despite Ankara’s obvious reluctance”, he said.

At the same time, he said, “the President and the Government, in close cooperation and in close coordination with the Greek Government, are moving at all levels to take advantage of international support for the Republic of Cyprus and in particular the EU position, in order to inhibit Turkey’s conquest of our sea”.

He spoke of an unprecedented attack these days against Cyprus at the sea, with Turkey violating the sovereign rights of the Republic of Cyprus and attempting to grab the underwater energy wealth. “We can only fight for our country and our freedom today as as we did in the past. By peaceful means, taking advantage of all the international foundations and alliances we have built, but above all, the status of Cyprus as an EU member state. This fight is difficult. It is a struggle by diplomatic, legal and political means, against Turkey, which prefixes the power of arms and the threat of violence. It is a struggle against lawlessness and the extreme arbitrariness of Turkey, which is driven only by the logic of grabing and almost primitive bulimia instincts”.

No matter how trite it may sounds, he continued, we must embrace it and experience it. “In this fight to stop the new Turkish attack we need to unite all our forces. Because we must seek a solution to the Cyprus problem, based on UN resolutions and decisions, and the principles and rules of EU, at a time when Turkey either avoids or refuses to do so. Because we must claim the power of international law at the sea, against the gunboat policy deployed by Turkey”./ibna