President Anastasiades has meeting with Victoria Nuland

President Anastasiades has meeting with Victoria Nuland

Nicosia, October 13, 2016/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Hari Stefanatos

The United States’ Assistant Secretary of State for European and Euroasian Affairs, Mrs Victoria Nuland, was received today by the President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, at the Presidential Palace.

In her remarks to reporters after the meeting, Mrs Nuland said that “we have had a very good round of consultations today. We are going to go up to the north again now. I just wanted to say that the US is extremely supportive of this Cypriot-led process”.

Mrs Nuland remarked that “we come as a friend of the process and a supporter, but it is very much led by these leaders. We are delighted to be here in the middle of this very intensive period in October, when they are meeting virtually every day, to have a chance to share openly with them the work that they are doing”.

The Assistant Secretary of State expressed her positive impression on “how the two teams are working really hard to create a future for all the Cypriot people and to create more opportunity here on the island”, adding that she had her first opportunity to go up to the walled city of Famagusta and “see the incredible cultural heritage there and then also to walk the Varoshia beach a little bit”.

“I was –I have to say- very moved by what I saw there. But I was also, on the other hand, inspired by the possibility that all the people of Cyprus have culturally, economically, politically with this process that is underway now”, Mrs Nuland said.