Prime Minister Thaci confesses: ‘I haven’t been on the front line of the war’

Prime Minister Thaci confesses: ‘I haven’t been on the front line of the war’

Pristina, February 14, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Hashim Thaci has declared for the first time that his role in the liberation war has not been on the front line. Mr. Thaci admitted this in an interview given for TV network, Euronews.

“I haven’t been on the front line of the war. My struggle has been political. We have defeated Serbia along with the international community and this has been a great victory”, said Thaci, when he was asked if he had killed or ordered to kill.

Thaci was also asked questions on to the accusations launched by Dick Marty in relation to organ trafficking.

“I have never given orders which would breach international laws. We have broken Miloshevic’s laws which have been discriminating. As far as the accusations for organ trafficking are concerned, I have only heard them from Dick Marty’s report. I don’t believe that any soldier of KLA has taken civil organs. This is a fairy tale which I cannot believe. Nobody believes it”, said Thaci.

Prime Minister Thaci has also considered the signing of the agreement with Serbia as the most difficult moment, adding that Kosovo and Serbia are not used to living in peace.

Prime Minister of Kosovo has also been asked about crime and high corruption. He said that the country has marked progress in the fight against these phenomena.

Thaci declared that his party will continue to lead Kosovo after this year’s parliamentary elections. /ibna/