Premier Berisha presents the party candidates in Roskovec

Premier Berisha presents the party candidates in Roskovec

Roskovec, June 4, 2013

In his first electoral meeting for the day, Prime Minister Sali Berisha stopped in the town of Roskovec where he said that, “in the past few years, we can all see that Albania is not how it used to be. In the past few years Albania has become a NATO member and also a country where people move forward sure that that they will be granted the EU candidate status”.

Analyzing the development of the country, Prime Minister Berisha said that, “Albania has seen the construction of the most modern infrastructure, which consisted on over 10 thousand km of roads”.

With your work, with your dedication, Albania has changed. But Albania needs even bigger changes. These were years of crisis, but Albania didn’t fall to recession. Exports in the past 4 months have increased by 21% compared to the previous 4 months. Exports grow and so do the incomes for Albanian people.

We will be granted the status and we will open negotiations with the European Union. What about the opposition? Three days ago its leader antagonized NATO, but I’d like to say to him that NATO is freedom guaranteed for eternity, it’s the greatest prestige for Albanian people”, said Berisha.

Berisha also talked about the sector of agriculture, which is a key sector in this area. “I promise you that along with these MPs we will pave every road of Roskovec and its territory. This will be the 4 year mandate of irrigation and the most modern irrigation system in Albania”, said Berisha.

Berisha also launched accusations against the leader of the opposition in relation to his promises according to which he will lift VAT for 5 agricultural products. According to Berisha, this would send farmers to bankruptcy, as their products would be competed by cheaper imported goods. /ibna/