Premier Berisha accuses the opposition of threatening investments

Premier Berisha accuses the opposition of threatening investments

Elbasan, May 18, 2013

Premier Berisha said today that the opposition is threatening foreign investments in the country. In the meeting held in Bradashesh, Elbasan, where he inaugurated the power supply substation, Berisha said that the SP has acted against any investment in the country.

“I’d like to inform you that they have established the office which will examine the concessionary agreements. Those who invest in Albania have a full guarantee, the concessionary agreements have been passed in parliament. Thus, I encourage the Socialist Party to establish more offices, but energy projects in Albania will continue to be built”, said Berisha.

Berisha said that the SP offers only the alternative of threats toward investments. “We have brought a friendly climate for the business and have drafted a friendly law for investors. We have signed contracts for the construction of 363 power plants. This is our politics. The other alternative offers threats against investments. You must bear in mind that these people have voted against every concession, every investment. They have also voted against the increase of wages and pensions”, said Berisha.

Premier Berisha has also commented on the accusations of the SP for the use of the administration in the electoral campaign. Prime Minister Berisha said that public servants are people with political conscience and that they’re free to participate in any meeting. /ibna/