Pre-investigative procedure for Ivanov

Pre-investigative procedure for Ivanov

Skopje-based Public Prosecution launched a pre-investigative procedure over Ivanov’s failure to sign language law and the Prespa Agreement.

The Primary Prosecutor’s Office-Skopje has launched a pre-investigative procedure regarding President Gjorge Ivanov’s failure to sign the Law on Languages and the Prespa Agreement.

The prosecutor’s office says the procedure has been initiated following two anonymous reports.

“We have asked for information from the Parliament and the President’s Office over the dates of the decisions’ adoption and the reasons why they have not been signed,” says the prosecutor’s office.

Ivanov failed to sign the Law on Ratification of the Prespa Agreement, although it was voted twice in parliament, despite the presidential right to “suspend”, and not to “absolute” veto. Earlier, he acted in the same manner on the Law on the Use of Languages. Therefore, these two regulations have not yet been published in the “Official Gazette” and can not come into force.