Post-Enumeration Survey in B&H Will Start Soon

Post-Enumeration Survey in B&H Will Start Soon


By Medina Malagić – Sarajevo

From 2-10 November, the post-enumeration survey of the B&H Poplation Census that ended on 15 October will take place. The post-enumeration survey will be carried out in accordance with the B&H Law Census of Population, Households and Dwellings in B&H.

According to Article 6 of the Census Law: ”Immediately after the Census, a Post-Enumeration Survey shall be conducted on a representaive sample of enumeration areas in order to evaluate the coverage and quality of the census data”.

In addition, the B&H Statistics Agency is placed in charge of corrently implementing the post-enumeration survey, and will cooperate with the entity statistics agencies.

The post-enumeration survey will take place in 240 census circles and in 107 municipalities in B&H in around 16.000 households.

There will be municipal/city instructors employed in implementing the post-enumeration survey, and have been accredited by the B&H Statistics Agency.

This weekend, a training will take place by state instructors for members of census commissions of local governments, and from the 28-30 October a training for controllers and municipal/city instructors will take place.

Since this is a post-enumeration survey, and it will be carried out in certain areas, there will be fewer questions than on the actual census that was carried out.

During the duration of the census in B&H, there have been numerous reports by media, individuals and organizations on the vast amount of irregularities and violations of the census law that were routinely taking place, and without much attempt to prevent irregularities from taking place. Most criticism was levied agains thte B&H Statistics Agency for not being fully prepared to carry out the census accordingly and for not agreeing on a standard methodology.

For the post-enumeration survey, it is the B&H Statistics Agency that was put in charge of preparing all that is needed to adequately carry out this task, and it chose its instructors based on the grades that were provied to enumerators during the census. Thus, the enumerators who received the highest rankings would take part in the post-enumeration survey.