Post election debates on possible government coalitions

Post election debates on possible government coalitions

Pristina, June 9, 2014/Independent Balkan News Agency

By Elton Tota

Reactions about the formation of the governing coalition have started to emerge ahead of the official announcement of the election results in Kosovo.

PDK and its leader, Hashim Thaci will be in charge of the formation of the government, as a winner of the elections, but this party has not issued any declarations on this issue. Within this week, PDK is expected to discuss the issue of the new government and send invitations for other parties.

Meanwhile, several other parties have started their debate about the formation of the government.

Self Determination Movement has demanded for opposition parties which are against PDK not to negotiate for joint governance with this party in order not to allow this party to form the new government.

Parties’ reactions about the coalitions

Given that LDK and Self Determination, as the two runners up, have excluded the possibility of a coalition with this party. It’s not yet known if the two other small parties, Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) and Incentive for Kosovo will do about entering a coalition with PDK.

Pal Lekaj, senior official AAK declared that this party will be crucial, alluding for a possible coalition. “After the certification of results, we can see that everything is possible for Kosovo”, said Lekaj.

Head of “Incentive for Kosovo”, Fatmir Limaj has neither confirmed, nor denied a possible coalition with PDK of Hashim Thaci. In a news conference, Limaj said that this party will first wait until the results are official and then look into the coalition possibilities. “The Incentive has achieved its objectives, it has crossed the electoral threshold and we will be a strong voice of the citizens in parliament. This time, the citizens have voted for changes”, said Limaj.

Leader of Self Determination, Albin Kurti appealed for a unique stance of the opposition, as according to him, the majority of citizens have voted against Hashim Thaci as prime minister.

“The majority of the citizens of Kosovo have note voted in favor of Thaci. The majority of the citizens of Kosovo are against Thaci. We’re interested and ready to make it impossible for the old regime to form a new government. For this, we will contact other opposition parties and urge them not to join Thaci in renewing his bad government”, said Kurti.

The runner up of the elections, LDK held a meeting today where it praised the elections, but it didn’t comment on possibilities of a coalition.

Analysts comment on possible coalitions

Political analysts have also been involved in debates for the formation of the governing coalition. According to them, PDK must draft a strategy relating to the formation of the governing coalition by having two options: the formation of a strong coalition with the second opposition party, LDK or a coalition with AAK and Incentive for Kosovo, but also by including minority parties. Reuters has warned the latter version in a comment which it has published today, where it stresses that Thaci will form a government with small parties and minorities.

Analyst Leon Malazogu says that after this result, crucial changes are expected in institutions.

“Nevertheless, now we have a new result and I hope that we will have more crucial changes as far as the names of ministers and MPs are concerned, but this remains to be seen when the names of those who have been elected come out. I believe that it’s highly likely for a coalition to be formed between PDK, Incentive and AAK, but we may also have a coalition between PDK and LDK or  we may have a situation where PDK cannot form a coalition and where it’s up to LDK to form a coalition”, says Malazogu. /ibna/