Population Census: Information on Irregularities Continues

Population Census: Information on Irregularities Continues


By Maja Tuljkovic – Sarajevo

The distribution of census materials form the field to the central processing place , which according to the Census Law is located in East Sarajevo, began today, and the delivery and storage of census materials is expected to finish by 25 October.

For the recording and storage of census materials, the B&H Agency for Statistics, in cooperation with the entity institutes hired, through a public call, warehouse operators to handle the census materials, and who will be engaged for nine months. The handling of census materials in census commissions of local governments, distribution and provision of the central center to the completion of activities of the census on 1.7.2016, this has been entrusted to the B&H Directorate for Coordination of Police Bodies.

However, six days after the completion of the census, there continues to be information on irregularities during the census taking. On Sunday morning, census materials were found in a garbage container in the Sarajevo neighborhood of Dobrinja, in municipality Novi Grad. A journalist from Anadolija Agency, who recorded the form, confirmed the credibility of these census forms. In fact, next to one questionnaire (P-1), the so-called ‘Kontrolnik’ and questionnaire for the household and flat (P-2) was also found. Within the materials were the names of six people who recently took the census. Even though the enumerators had to return the census forms by 20 October in the municipal census commissions, so that they could be transported today to the central storage space in East Sarajevo, some of the forms were not sent, which is confirmed by the incident in Dobrinja.

According to the methodology for preparation, organization and implementation of the B&H Census, upon completion of the census in the census circle, i.e. since all apartments, households and all people were registered, the enumerator arranges the material so that all unused forms and forms in which a mistake has been made, which according to the manual cannot be corrected, is placed at the bottom of the box for storage and delivered. In it, all P-2 forms within the corresponding questionnaire are put (or without them, if P-2 has no corresponding filing), arranged by the order by which the person were entered into the list of people for the census.

The census materials (placed in a box for the census circle) is sent by the enumerator to his/her municipal/city instructor, who is responsible for looking over the material and, in cooperation with the enumerator, to remove all possible omissions.

Popismonitor said that similar complaints were not recorded during the census. They had various complaints about the process of conducting the census, but no complaint about someone throwing the census materials in a container. They said that according to the information available to them, all census materials had to be returned to the census commissions yesterday, both filled and empty forms, and in order to have them sent for storage in East Sarajevo. The B&H Statistics Agency still does not have an official statement of this event.