Ponta emphasizes on the 2014 Romanian budget

Ponta emphasizes on the 2014 Romanian budget


Review by Christos T. Panagopoulos

The 2014 draft budget is the most important draft law in this autumn, Prime Minister Victor Ponta said at a meeting of the parliamentary groups of the ruling Social Liberal Union (USL, an alliance of Social Democrats PSD, Liberals PNL and Conservatives).

“We have several important draft laws for the autumn. The 2014 budget certainly is the most important. We do not have the constitutional modification in place so that we might have a multi-annual budget. I would have liked, as we have proposed ourselves to have a 2014-2015-2016 budget. Unfortunately, the constitution clearly says the budget is annual and the constitution modification has been delayed”, the prime minister stressed.

Ponta added, however, that resources can be allotted in 2014 for the important projects by which the USL won the elections and which the people are waiting for – national projects – as well as for continuing the local projects.

“I am very responsive to the dissatisfaction in the territory and you also are, since ultimately you have a direct relation with the mayors, with our local elected officials. /…/ I think it is my mistake and the mistake of my Government fellows and we must set it right in the autumn, obviously, since no mayor will imagine they will get all the money tomorrow or next month. We have not been capable and we must do it in this autumn, i.e. to show a perspective – one can make that many kilometers of road or sewerage in 2014, that many in 2015 and that many in 2016. This is the Government’s obligation.”, Ponta told the USL lawmakers.

Source: Agerpres