Polls show re-election for Ljubljana and Maribor mayors

Polls show re-election for Ljubljana and Maribor mayors


Review Hari Stefanatos

Based on the latest survey, current mayors of Ljubljana Zoran Janković (photo) and Maribor Andrej Fištravec lead the election race and are expected to be re-elected.  Around 40% of the voters remain undecided however.

The poll gives current mayor of the capital 40.5%, but just 10.8% for his list, resulting in the mayor losing the majority in the city council. Second on the list comes Miro Cerar’s SMC list with 9.9%, followed by he United Left (ZL) got 7.3%, the Democrats (SDS) 6.2%, and the SocDems 5.6%.

Janković is trailed in the mayoral rankings by Damjan Damjanovič, but with 9.8% support the gap between them in huge. The remaining ten candidates got less than 2%.

Things are more complicated in Maribor, with Fištravec who succeeded Kangler in March last year, getting 21.2%. Kangler’s return is supported by 15.7% of the respondents, while 8,6% want Anton Kranj’ of the SMC, and 4.7% are infavor of Tomaž Kangler, who is backed by the SDS.

The SMC, however, could get the best result among the lists for city council, receiving 12.2%. The SDS got 7.9%, Fištravec’s list 7.3%, the SocDems 6.5% and the ZL 5.8%.

Definite participation in the election was announced by 49% for Ljubljana and by 55% for Maribor.

The survey, which was published on Saturday, was carried out between 22 and 25 September and included 400 respondents.

(Source: Sloveniatimes)