Polling stations in Kosovo close

Polling stations in Kosovo close

Polling stations have closed in Kosovo. Over 1 million and 872 thousand people were eligible to vote for 5 coalitions, 19 political parties and two civil incentives, while 971 candidates ran for the 120 seat parliament.

According to officials of the Central Election Commission, in the late hours of the afternoon, turnout had increased compared to the June 2014 snap elections.

NGOs monitoring the elections say that irregularities have been identified during the election process, however they do not have a significant impact on the process.

During the election campaign, political parties promised economic growth, salary increases and fight against organized crime and corruption.

Institutions that will come out of these elections will face problems such as the border deal with Montenegro, which led to the government to fall, talks for the normalization of relations with Serbia, which continues to contest Kosovo’s independence and the Special Tribunal which is expected to try alleged war crimes. /balkaneu.com/