Poll sees Bulgaria business climate improved in May 2019

Poll sees Bulgaria business climate improved in May 2019

A regular monthly poll by the National Statistical Institute (NSI) found the business climate in Bulgaria in May 2019 improved in comparison with March, the second consecutive month the poll showed an improvement.

In March and February, the monthly polls had found the business climate in Bulgaria largely unchanged. In January, the business climate was seen as slightly improved compared with December.

The NSI said that in May 2019, the total business climate indicator improved by 1.3 percentage points compared with April, due to increases in the indicators for Bulgaria’s construction and retail trades.

In Bulgaria’s construction sector, the indicator was up by 6.9 percentage points, boosted by managers’ increased optimism about the business situation of their enterprises.

Their opinions about construction activity over the past three months, as well their expectations about the coming three months also had improved. However, the poll found an increase in the number of the clients delaying payments.

The retail trade indicator was up by 2.1 percentage points, with retailers having more positive views about the situation of their businesses, although their expectations about the volume of sales and orders placed with suppliers over the coming three months were more reserved.

The indicator for industry was largely the same as in April, the NSI said. At the same time, managers’ expectations about the coming six months remained favourable.

The indicator for the service sector was down by 2.2 percentage points, as a result of managers’ unfavourable assessments about the current situation of their enterprises, the NSI said./ibna