Poll: Romanians trust town halls, army and Church

Poll: Romanians trust town halls, army and Church


By Daniel Stroe – Bucharest

Romanians are most trustful in town halls, the army and the Church, while showing the lowest degree of confidence in political parties and banks, a newly published poll reveals.

As concerns international organizations, Romanians show the most confidence in NATO, with IMF the least trusted, the poll done by INSCOP also reveals.

Asked about the direction the country is heading, almost 70 per cent think the country is heading in the wrong direction, while 21.4 % think the opposite, namely the country is on the right track, while almost 10 per cent didn’t answer.

As concerns political institutions, Romanians show most trust in town halls (40.9 %, up from 39.6 % in May), Constitutional Court (31.2 %, up from 29.8 % in May), county councils (29.6 %, up from 28.8 % in May), Government (28.6 %, down from 29.2 per cent two months ago), Presidency (20.2 %, down from 21.8 per cent in May), the Parliament (16.5 %, down from 17.6 per cent in May) and political parties, the lowest in the approval rankings (12.5 %, up from 10.5 % two months ago).

As regards the executive institutions, the army comes first in the confidence rankings (67 %, up from 66.1 % in May), followed by the Gendarmerie (60.7 %, up from 57.7 %), SRI (the Romanian home intelligence service – 48.8 per cent, compared to 48.1 % two months ago), DNA (the anti-corruption department, 48.6 %, up from 47.1 %), the National Bank (47.6 % vs. 46.3 per cent), Police (46.9 per cent, compared to 45.7 % in May), SIE (the external intelligence service, 45.4 per cent, up from 43.5 %) and ANI (the National Integrity Agency, the independent body that checks public officials’ assets, 32.7 %, compared to 31.1 per cent in May).

Among the social and private institutions, the Church leads in the poll (62 %, but down from 63.1 % in May), followed by universities (43.1 per cent, down from 44.4 %), media (36.2 vs. 33.9 % in May), NGOs (27.9 per cent, down from 29.8 %), unions (23.4 per cent, compared to 22.2 % two months ago), employers’ associations (19.3 %, up from 17.7 per cent in May) and, finally, banks (15.9 per cent, up from 14.6 per cent), according to the poll commissioned by daily Adevarul.

NATO leads in the section dedicated to international organizations, with 52.5 % trusting the military bloc (up from 50.1 % in May), followed by the UN (47.6 per cent, up from 44.4 %), EU (43.9 per cent, down from 44.8 per cent), the European Parliament (41.9 %, up from 40.2 per cent in May), the European Commission (41.3 per cent, up from 39.7 per cent two months ago), the World Bank (30.9 per cent vs. 29.2 %) and the IMF (27.1 per cent, up from 23.9 % in May).

Pollsters say the decrease in trust in political institutions comes after the electoral campaign for the European elections, while the low rates of confidence in unions and employers’ associations show Romanians are not happy with the everyday standard of living.